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Gift Certificates

You are not required to create a login account in order to purchase a gift certificate. (Your recipient will become a member as part of the certificate redemption process.)

Note: If you are trying to redeem a gift certificate, then go to the memorial purchase page.

Your recipient will be provided with instructions on how to redeem your gift certificate toward purchase of a memorial space.

The value of a gift certificate is set to match the price of one of the memorial space offerings if your recipient chooses a more expensive option, then your reipient will be charged for the balance. If you recipient chooses a less expensive option, then a credit will be available in her/his account. (Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed, in whole or in part, for cash.)

If you are registered member of the Everheld WebGroup [todo: linkage] then do not use the links below. Instead, log in and purchase gift certificates from your User Account page.

Purchase and Send a Single Everheld Memorials Gift Certificate

Note: If you are a Corportate/Non-Profit Institutional Member then you must log in in order to be recognized by the system for institutional discount prices.

Manage Your Previously Purchased Gift Certificate(s)