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This is the DEMO site.

Nothing is real.

Partnership Opportunities

We offer two kinds of parnterships: Value-Adding Memorial Partner and Theme Designer

Value-Adding Memorial Partner

As a Memorial Partner you pay a yearly membership fee in exchange for receiving a substantial discount on bulk purchases of Everheld Gift Certificates. You may then include an Everheld Gift Certificate with each package of goods and services you provide whose total cost to your customer exceeds the non-discounted value of our Certificate.

It is explicitly forbidden to sign up as an Everheld Memorial Partner for the sole purpose of reselling our Memorials or Gift Certificates at a disount rate, or at any time, to effectively operate as a discount reseller of Everheld products.

Examples of acceptable Everheld Memorial Partnerships

  • Your company is a funeral home or other recognized component of the death care industry (e.g., cemetery or crematorium). You provide an Everheld online memorial - perhaps including assistance with text composition and theme-rotation choices - as part of your service package. Alternatively, you might provide an Everheld Gift Certificate for free to help convince a prospective client of the high quality and comprehensive nature of your service. (Note that in the second scenario, you are providing the Gift Certificate as a legitimate "loss leader", not selling it at a discount.)

  • Your company sells memorial and grief-support items such as memorial stones, grief-support literature, sympathy cards, etc., with focus on departed (human) loved ones or departed animal companions or both. You provide an Everheld Memorial Gift Certificate with each purchase of a certain minimal total price. You might also offer a free Everheld Gift Certificate as part of the occassional customer relations interraction that results from an error in order fulfillment, shipping delay, etc.

  • Your company's only business is to help users get the greatest value from Everheld Online Memorials. You charge a premium fee for services that include

    • image-enhancement (e.g., color-balancing, "red-eye" elimination),
    • memorial text composition,
    • journal and life-story organization,
    • theme selection and theme-rotation assistance,
    • using a screen capture tool together with Everheld's suitable-for-framing mode to capture, print and frame a non-Web version of the Memorial Home Page,
    • guestbook administration (e.g., checking for inappropriate comments in advance of the entry's exposure to your client).

    Perhaps you are also an Everheld Theme Designer, creating unique memorial themes whose use is limited to your customers.

    Besides advertizing directly to potential Everheld clients (e.g., via your website), you also partner with local funeral homes and veterenary clinics who want to provide this level of service to their clients, but do not have the time or qualified staff.

Click the sign-up link below that best fits your partnership interests. Whether you sign up as a parnter with Everheld Memorials or Everheld Pets, you will be able to take advantage of discount rates for the other memorial site once you have your account.

Theme Designer

We intend that our collection of online memorial themes be second to none in both size and range of styles, and we recognize that the collective contribution of a variety of artists and designers is key to acheiving and sustaining this ambition.

As a Published Everheld Designer, you are recognized by name (or name of your design company) in the "Created by" line in the site footer, linking to your EverheldWebGroup home page, which in turn can be linked to your company site (a direct link from a memorial is forbidden by Everheld's no-forced-ads policy). Your published themes are always available for viewing in our "Browse Memorial Themes" sub-site.

As a Commissioned Everheld Designer, you enjoy the same recognition as a Published Designer, plus you earn a fee for each Everheld Memorial that is created with you as its theme designer. (Once you have been selected as the commissioned designer for the memorial, the memorial owner can then select from among your themes at any time thereafter, e.g., when creating rotating themes, without triggering additional commissions to you. In other words, you earn fees on a per-memorial, not a per-theme basis.)

The current baseline commission for a perpetual memorial to a departed human loved one is $10, and around half that for a pet memorial. Commissions are adjusted proportionaltely for non-perpetual memorials.

You must have at least six themes accepted for publication, in at least one of our sites ( and, in order to become a Commissioned Everheld Designer, even if users are consistently selecting the fewer-than-six themes in your collection. (Six themes is the minimum number required for a complete theme-rotation scheme for a memorial.)

Although the above commission schedule is the norm, Everheld reserves the right to support theme designers in a variety of ways, including individualized commission contracts and special payments for particularly effective designers, including outright purchase of a theme in lieu of commissions (as for example in the case of a theme that celebrates the life of one who dies of a specific rare congenital illness: a life we want very much to help celebrate, but a theme that will be rarely selected, leaving the Designer at a loss under a strict commission system).

As for doing the actual creative work, the Everheld master site ( contains a complete theme-creation interface by which the designer can produce highly original memorial themes and submit them for publication. Creating an Everheld theme requires no knowledge of hypertext markup language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS) or Javascript. The entire design process (image uploads, color selection, fancy-frame building, fonts, margins, etc.) is form-driven. We even provide onboard tools to help you construct two of the most frequently used page-design elements: texture gradient backgrounds and rounded-corner frames. (Ultimately, though, it is to your great advantage to have some skill in using an image manipulation program, such as The GIMP.) There is also a text-content editor so that you can compose your own description of the theme. Finally, you can decide at any time prior to publication whether your theme belongs in EverheldMemorials or EverheldPets, or both.

For each of your themes you are charged a one-time registration fee: $10.00 for one theme, down to $8.00 per theme for a registration of six themes at once. The fee helps cover our administrative costs (answering help questions, review for publication, etc.) and - to be candid - serves to encourage only the seriously interested artist to sign up.


Before you sign up and pay for theme registrations, do the following:

1) Go to our demo site (Done! This is the demo site) and "sign up" so that you can test the design-creation environment for free (Remember, work you do in the demo site will not transfer to the live site!)

2) Communicate to us (email to, or a "contact us" form in the live site) your interest in becoming an Everheld Designer, and point us to your online portfolio. If it seems to us that you are likely to get published, we will provide a voucher id to cover part or all of the cost of theme registrations to get you started.

Finally, to be completely clear:

There is no guarantee that any submitted memorial theme will be accepted for publication. No refunds are paid for theme registrations that do not result in published themes.

*Membership must be maintained in order for Gift Certificates to be usable.